U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 20, 2024

§ 49.215 - What are the standards for managing the collections?

(a) Each approved repository must:

(1) Curate museum collections as defined at § 49.5 and consistent with any agreements between the bureau and the approved repository;

(2) Obtain approval of the Federal land manager before conducting or allowing reproduction or consumptive analysis of part or all of the collection, unless this topic is addressed in an agreement between the bureau and the approved repository;

(3) Conduct inventories consistent with Departmental and bureau museum management standards, and report the results to the bureau.

(b) The Federal land manager, in coordination with the repository official and appropriate subject matter experts, may determine that specimens that are found to be redundant, lack adequate associated data, or otherwise are determined not to further paleontological knowledge, public education, or management of paleontological resources may be removed from museum collections and placed into working collections.

(c) The approved repository may charge reasonable fees, consistent with applicable law, to persons and/or institutions that deposit, use, or borrow specimens at that repository that were collected under this part. Fees may cover labor and material costs incurred by the repository for curating, handling, record keeping, and insuring the collection(s).