U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 09, 2023

§ 9.11 - What are the Secretary's obligations in interstate situations?

(a) The Secretary is responsible for:

(1) Identifying proposed federal financial assistance and direct Federal development that have an impact on interstate areas;

(2) Notifying appropriate officials and entities in states which have adopted a process and which select the Department's program or activity;

(3) Making efforts to identify and notify the affected state, areawide, regional, and local officials and entities in those states that have not adopted a process under the Order or do not select the Department's program or activity;

(4) Responding pursuant to § 9.10 of this part if the Secretary receives a recommendation from a designated areawide agency transmitted by a single point of contact, in cases in which the review, coordination, and communication with the Department have been delegated.

(b) The Secretary uses the procedures in § 9.10 if a state process provides a state process recommendation to the Department through a single point of contact.