U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 95.623 - Reconsideration of denied FFP for failure to obtain prior approval.

For ADP equipment and services acquired by a State without prior approval, which is reflected in a record, the State may request reconsideration of the disallowance of FFP by written request to the head of the Federal program office within 30 days of the initial written disallowance determination. In such a reconsideration, the agency may take into account overall federal interests. The Department may grant a request for reconsideration if:

(a) The State submitted to the Department all information required under § 95.611, satisfactorily responded to all concerns raised by the Department and received a final letter of approval from the Department; or,

(b) The State requests reconsideration of a denial by submitting in a record information that addresses the following requirements:

(1) The acquisition must be reasonable, useful and necessary;

(2) The State's failure to obtain prior approval, which is reflected in a record, must have been inadvertent (i.e., the State did not knowingly avoid the prior approval requirements);

(3) The request was not previously denied by HHS;

(4) The acquisition must otherwise meet all other applicable Federal and State requirements, and would have been approved under part 95, subpart F had the State requested in a record, prior approval;

(5) The State must not have a record of recurrent failures, under any of the programs covered by the prior approval regulations, to comply with the requirement to obtain prior approval in a record, of its automatic data processing acquisitions (i.e., submissions under these procedures, from States that have failed in the past to acquire prior approval which is reflected in a record, in accordance with part 95, subpart F, may be denied);

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