U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 01, 2023

§ 95.626 - Independent Verification and Validation.

(a) An assessment for independent verification and validation (IV&V) analysis of a State's system development effort may be required in the case of APD projects that meet any of the following criteria:

(1) Are at risk of missing statutory or regulatory deadlines for automation that is intended to meet program requirements;

(2) Are at risk of failing to meet a critical milestone;

(3) Indicate the need for a new project or total system redesign;

(4) Are developing systems under waivers pursuant to sections 452(d)(3) or 627 of the Social Security Act;

(5) Are at risk of failure, major delay, or cost overrun in their systems development efforts;

(6) Fail to timely and completely submit APD updates or other required systems documentation.

(7) State's procurement policies put the project at risk, including a pattern of failing to pursue competition to the maximum extent feasible.

(8) State's failure to adequately involve the State program offices in the development and implementation of the project.

(b) Independent Verification and Validation efforts must be conducted by an entity that is independent from the State (unless the State receives an exception from the Department) and the entity selected must:

(1) Develop a project workplan. The plan must be provided directly to the Department at the same time it is given to the State.

(2) Review and make recommendations on both the management of the project, both State and vendor, and the technical aspects of the project. The IV&V provider must give the results of its analysis directly to the federal agencies that required the IV&V at the same time it reports to the State.

(3) Consult with all stakeholders and assess the user involvement and buy-in regarding system functionality and the system's ability to support program business needs.

(4) Conduct an analysis of past project performance sufficient to identify and make recommendations for improvement.

(5) Provide risk management assessment and capacity planning services.

(6) Develop performance metrics which allow tracking project completion against milestones set by the State.

(c) The acquisition document and contract for selecting the IV&V provider (or similar documents if IV&V services are provided by other State agencies) must include requirements regarding the experience and skills of the key personnel proposed for the IV&V analysis. The contract (or similar document if the IV&V services are provided by other State agencies) must specify by name the key personnel who actually will work on the project. The acquisition documents and contract for required IV&V services must be submitted to the Department for prior written approval.

[75 FR 66340, Oct. 28, 2010]