U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 04, 2023

§ 95.635 - Disallowance of Federal financial participation for automated systems that fail to comply substantially with requirements.

(a) Federal financial participation at the applicable matching rate is available for automated data processing system expenditures that meet the requirements specified under the approved APD including the approved cost allocation plan.

(b) All or part of any costs for system projects that have a major failure to comply with an APD approved under applicable regulation at § 95.611, or for the Title IV-D program contained in part 307, the applicable regulations for the Title IV-E and Title IV-B programs contained in Chapter 13, subchapter G, § 1355.55, or the applicable regulations for the Title XIX program contained in 42 CFR chapter 4 subchapter C, part 433, are subject to disallowance by the Department.

[75 FR 66340, Oct. 28, 2010]