U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 307.40 - Suspension of approval of advance planning documents for computerized support enforcement systems.

(a) Suspension of approval. The Office will suspend approval of the APD for a computerized support enforcement system approved and developed under § 307.10, or § 307.11 as of the date that the system ceases to comply substantially with the criteria, requirements, and other provisions in the APD, including conditions in § 307.15(b) and the requirements in § 307.10 or § 307.11 of this part covered under a waiver granted in accordance with § 307.5. Federal funding will be disallowed as described in § 307.30(d) and § 307.31(d).

(b) Duration of suspension. The suspension of approval of an APD under paragraph (a) shall remain in effect until the Office determines that actions required for Federal funding in the future, as specified in the notice of suspension, have been taken and the Office so notifies the State.

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