U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 29, 2023

§ 7.100 - Florida Reefs and Keys from Miami, FL to Marquesas Keys, FL.

(a) A line drawn from the tower located in approximate position latitude 25°46.7′ N. longitude 80°08′ W. to latitude 25°46.1′ N. longitude 80°05.0′ W. (Miami Lighted Whistle Buoy “M”); thence to Fowey Rocks Light (latitude 25°35.4′ N. longitude 80°05.8′ W.); thence to Pacific Reef Light (latitude 25°22.3′ N. longitude 80°08.5′ W.) thence to Carysfort Reef Light (latitude 25°13.3′ N. longitude 80°12.7′ W.); thence to Molasses Reef Light “10” (latitude 25°00.7′ N. longitude 80°22.6′ W.); thence to Alligator Reef Light (latitude 24°51.1 N. longitude 80°37.1′ W.); thence to Tennessee Reef Light (latitude 24°44.7′ N. longitude 80°46.9′ W.); thence to Sombrero Key Light (latitude 24°37.6′ N. longitude 81°06.6′ W.); thence to American Shoal Light (latitude 24°31.5′ N. longitude 81°31.2′ W.); thence to latitude 24°27.7′ N. longitude 81°48.1′ W. (Key West Entrance Lighted Whistle Buoy); thence to Cosgrove Shoal Light (latitude 24°27.5′ N. longitude 82°11.2′ W.); thence due north to a point 12 miles from the baseline from which the territorial sea is measured in approximate position latitude 24°47.5′ N. longitude 82°11.2′ W.