U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 03, 2022

401.301 - 401.301 Policy.

(a) The SPE, subject to the authorities in 401.103 and FAR 1.301, may issue and publish Departmental regulations, that together with the FAR, constitute Department-wide policies, procedures, solicitation provisions, and contract clauses governing the contracting process or otherwise controlling the relationship between USDA (including any of its contracting activities) and contractors or prospective contractors.

(b) Each designated head of a contracting activity (HCA) is authorized to issue or authorize the issuance of, at any organizational level, internal guidance which does not have a significant effect beyond the internal operating procedures of the activity, or a significant cost or administrative impact on offerors or contractors. Internal guidance issued by contracting activities will not be published in the Federal Register. HCA's shall ensure that the guidance, procedures, or instructions issued -

(1) Are consistent with the policies and procedures contained in this chapter;

(2) Follow the format, arrangement, and numbering system of this chapter to the extent practicable;

(3) Contain no material which duplicates, paraphrases, or is inconsistent with this chapter; and

(4) Are numbered and identified by use of alphabetical suffixes to the chapter number as follows:

4A [Reserved] 4B Agricultural Research Service. 4C Farm Service Agency. 4D Rural Development (mission area). 4E Food Safety and Inspection Service. 4F [Reserved] 4G Forest Service. 4H [Reserved] 4I Natural Resources Conservation Service. 4J [Reserved] 4K Food and Nutrition Service. 4L Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. 4M [Reserved] 4N Departmental Administration. 4O-4P [Reserved] 4R Office of Inspector General. 4S [Reserved] [61 FR 53646, Oct. 15, 1996, as amended at 70 FR 44, Jan. 3, 2005]