U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Dec 03, 2023

§ 23.77 - Does this part preempt local requirements?

(a) In the event that a State or local law, regulation, or policy differs from the requirements of this part, the recipient must, as a condition of remaining eligible to receive Federal financial assistance from the DOT, take such steps as may be necessary to comply with the requirements of this part.

(b) You must clearly identify any State or local law, regulation, or policy pertaining to minority, women's, or disadvantaged business enterprise concerning airport concessions that adds to, goes beyond, or imposes more stringent requirements than the provisions of this part. FAA will determine whether such a law, regulation, or policy conflicts with this part, in which case the requirements of this part will govern.

(c) If not deemed in conflict by the FAA, you must write and administer such a State or local law, policy, or regulation separately from the ACDBE program.

(d) You must provide copies of any such provisions and the legal authority supporting them to the FAA with your ACDBE program submission. FAA will not approve an ACDBE program if there are such provisions that conflict with the provisions of this part.

(e) However, nothing in this part preempts any State or local law, regulation, or policy enacted by the governing body of a recipient, or the authority of any State or local government or recipient to adopt or enforce any law, regulation, or policy relating to ACDBEs, as long as the law, regulation, or policy does not conflict with this part.