U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 29, 2022

§ 380.725 - Documentation and record retention.

(a) Applicability. The documentation and retention of records required by this subpart apply to entities that meet the requirements of subpart G of this part and are eligible for listing on the Training Provider Registry (TPR).

(b) Document retention. All training providers on the TPR must retain the following:

(1) Self-certifications by all accepted applicants for behind-the-wheel (BTW) training attesting that they will comply with U.S. Department of Transportation regulations in parts 40, 382, 383 and 391, as well as State and/or local laws, related to alcohol and controlled substances testing, age, medical certification, licensing, and driver records, as required in 380.707(a).

(2) A copy of the driver-trainee's commercial learner's permit(s) or commercial driver's license, as applicable, as required in 380.707(a).

(3) Instructor qualification documentation indicating driving and/or training experience, as applicable, for each instructor and copies of commercial driver's licenses and applicable endorsements held by BTW instructors or theory instructors, as applicable.

(4) The lesson plans for theory and BTW (range and public road) training curricula, as applicable.

(5) Records of individual entry-level driver training assessments as described in § 380.715.

(c) Retention of records. Training providers listed on the TPR must retain the records identified in paragraph (b) of this section for a minimum of three years from the date each required record is generated or received, unless a record, such as a BTW instructor's CDL, has expired or been canceled, in which case the most recent, valid CDL should be retained, if applicable. The provisions of this part do not affect a training provider's obligation to comply with any other local, State, or Federal requirements prescribing longer retention periods for any category of records described herein.

[81 FR 88791, Dec. 8, 2016, as amended at 84 FR 51432, Sept. 30, 2019; 86 FR 57069, Oct. 14, 2021]