U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 03, 2024

§ 106.100 - Required information for a petition for rulemaking.

(a) You must include the following information in your petition for rulemaking:

(1) A summary of your proposed action and an explanation of its purpose.

(2) The language you propose for a new or amended rule, or the language you would delete from a current rule.

(3) An explanation of your interest in your proposed action and the interest of anyone you may represent.

(4) Information and arguments that support your proposed action, including relevant technical and scientific data available to you.

(5) Any specific cases that support or demonstrate the need for your proposed action.

(b) If the impact of your proposed action is substantial, and data or other information about that impact are available to you, we may ask that you provide information about the following:

(1) The costs and benefits of your proposed action to society in general, and identifiable groups within society in particular.

(2) The direct effects, including preemption effects under section 5125 of Federal hazardous materials transportation law, of your proposed action on States, on the relationship between the Federal government and the States, and on the distribution of power and responsibilities among the various levels of government. (See 49 CFR part 107, subpart C, regarding preemption.)

(3) The regulatory burden of your proposed action on small businesses, small organizations, small governmental jurisdictions, and Indian tribes.

(4) The recordkeeping and reporting burdens of your proposed action and whom they would affect.

(5) The effect of your proposed action on the quality of the natural and social environments.