U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 173.163 - Hydrogen fluoride.

(a) Hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid, anhydrous) must be packaged as follows:

(1) In specification 3, 3A, 3AA, 3B, 3BN, or 3E cylinders; or in specification 4B, 4BA, or 4BW cylinders except that brazed 4B, 4BA, and 4BW cylinders are not authorized. The filling density may not exceed 85 percent of the cylinder's water weight capacity. In place of the periodic volumetric expansion test, cylinders used in exclusive service may be given a complete external visual inspection in conformance with part 180, subpart C, of this subchapter, at the time such requalification becomes due.

(2) In a UN cylinder, as specified in part 178 of this subchapter, having a minimum test pressure of 10 bar and a maximum filling ratio of 0.84.

(b) A cylinder removed from hydrogen fluoride service must be condemned in accordance with § 180.205 of this subchapter. Alternatively, at the direction of the owner, the requalifier may render the cylinder incapable of holding pressure.

[71 FR 33880, June 12, 2006]