U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 173.195 - Hydrogen cyanide, anhydrous, stabilized (hydrocyanic acid, aqueous solution).

(a) Hydrogen cyanide, anhydrous, stabilized, must be packed in specification cylinders or UN pressure receptacles as follows:

(1) As prescribed in § 173.192;

(2) Specification 3A480, 3A480X, 3AA480, or 3A1800 metal cylinders of not over 126 kg (278 pounds) water capacity (nominal);

(3) Shipments in 3AL cylinders are authorized only when transported by highway and rail; or

(4) UN cylinders, as specified in part 178, with a minimum test pressure of 100 bar and a maximum filling ratio of 0.55. The use of UN tubes and MEGCs is not authorized.

(b) Cylinders may not be charged with more than 0.27 kg (0.6 pound) of liquid per 0.45 kg (1 pound) water capacity of cylinder. Each filled cylinder must be tested for leakage before being offered for transportation or transported and must show absolutely no leakage; this test must consist of passing a piece of Guignard's sodium picrate paper over the closure of the cylinder, without the protection cap attached, to detect any escape of hydrogen cyanide from the cylinder. Other equally efficient test methods may be used in place of sodium picrate paper.

(c) Packagings for hydrogen cyanide must conform to § 173.40.

[Amdt. 173-224, 55 FR 52643, Dec. 21, 1990, as amended at 56 FR 66271, Dec. 20, 1991; 71 FR 33880, June 12, 2006]