U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 173.206 - Packaging requirements for chlorosilanes.

(a) When § 172.101 of this subchapter specifies that a hazardous material be packaged under this section, only non-bulk packagings prescribed in this section may be used for its transportation. Each packaging must conform to the general packaging requirements of subpart B of part 173, to the requirements of part 178 of this subchapter at the Packing Group I or II performance level (unless otherwise excepted), and to the particular requirements of the special provisions of Column (7) of the § 172.101 Table.

(b) The following combination packagings are authorized:

Outer packagings:

Steel drum: 1A2 Plastic drum: 1H2 Plywood drum: 1D Fiber drum: 1G Steel box: 4A Natural wood box: 4C1 or 4C2 Plywood box: 4D Reconstituted wood box: 4F Fiberboard box: 4G Expanded plastic box: 4H1 Solid plastic box: 4H2

Inner packagings:

Glass or Steel receptacle

(c) Except for transportation by passenger aircraft, the following single packagings are authorized:

Steel drum: 1A1 Steel jerrican: 3A1

Plastic receptacle in steel drum: 6HA1

Cylinders (for liquids in PG I), specification or UN standard, as prescribed for any compressed gas, except Specification 3HT and those prescribed for acetylene

Cylinders (for liquids in PG II), specification, as prescribed for any compressed gas, except Specification 8 and 3HT cylinders.

[74 FR 2259, Jan. 14, 2009, as amended at 75 FR 72, Jan. 4, 2010]