U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 173.228 - Bromine pentafluoride or bromine trifluoride.

(a) Bromine pentafluoride and bromine trifluoride are authorized in packagings as follows:

(1) Specification 3A150, 3AA150, 3B240, 3BN150, 4B240, 4BA240, 4BW240, and 3E1800 cylinders.

(2) UN cylinders as specified in part 178 of this subchapter, except acetylene cylinders and non-refillable cylinders, with a minimum test pressure of 10 bar and a minimum outage of 8 percent by volume. The use of UN tubes and MEGCs is not authorized.

(3) The use of a pressure relief device is not authorized.

(b) A material in Hazard Zone A must be transported in a seamless specification cylinder conforming to the requirements of § 173.40. However, a welded cylinder filled before October 1, 2002, in accordance with the requirements of this subchapter in effect at the time of filling, may be transported for reprocessing or disposal of the cylinder's contents until December 31, 2003. No cylinder may be equipped with a pressure relief device.

[67 FR 51643, Aug. 8, 2002, as amended at 67 FR 61289, Sept. 30, 2002; 68 FR 24660, May 8, 2003, as amended at 71 FR 33881, June 12, 2006]