U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Dec 04, 2023

§ 1115.5 - Petitions for other relief.

(a) A party may petition for a stay of an action pending a request for judicial review, for extension of the compliance date, or for modification of the date the terms of the decision take effect. The reasons for the desired relief must be stated in the petition, and the petition must be filed not less than 10 days prior to the date the terms of the action take effect. No reply need be filed. If a party elects to file a reply, the reply must reach the Board no later than 5 days after the petition is filed.

(b) When the terms of a Board action take effect on less than 15 days' notice, a petition for stay pending a request for judicial review must be filed prior to the institution of court action and as close to the service date as practicable. No reply need be filed. Where time permits, a party may elect to file a reply.

(c) A petition or reply must not exceed 10 pages in length.

[47 FR 49568, Nov. 1, 1982, as amended at 61 FR 52714, Oct. 8, 1996]