U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 05, 2022

§ 841.1004 - OPM responsibilities.

OPM will, in performance of this agreement:

(a) Process the magnetic tape containing State tax transactions against the annuity roll once a month at the time monthly recurring payments are prepared for the United States Treasury Department. Errors that are identified will not be processed into the file, and will be identified and returned to the State for resolution via the monthly error report. Collections of State income tax will continue in effect until the State requesting the initial action supplies either a valid revocation or change. The magnetic tape must be received 35 days prior to the date of the check in which the transactions are to be effective. For example, withholding transactions for the July 1 check must be received 5 days prior to June 1. If the magnetic tape submitted by the State cannot be read, OPM will notify the State of this fact, and if a satisfactory replacement can be supplied in time for monthly processing, it will be processed.

(b) Deduct from the regular, recurring annuity payments of an annuitant the amount he or she has so requested to be withheld, provided that:

(1) The amount of the request is an even dollar amount, not less than Five Dollars nor more than the net recurring amount. The State may set any even dollar amount above Five Dollars as a minimum withholding amount.

(2) The annuitant has not designated more than one other State for withholding purposes within the calendar year. The State can set any limit on the number of changes an annuitant may make in the amount to be withheld.

(c) Retain the amounts withheld in the Fund until payment is due.

(d) Pay the net withholding to the State on the last day of the first month following each calendar quarter.

(e) Make the following reports:

(1) A monthly report which will include all the State tax withholdings, cancellations and adjustments for the month, and also each request OPM was not able to process, with an explanation, in coded format, of the reason for rejection.

(2) A quarterly report which will include State, State address, quarterly withholdings, quarterly cancellations and adjustments, quarterly net withholdings and year-to-date amounts. Where cancelled or adjusted payments were made in a previous year, OPM shall append a listing of the cancelled or adjusted payments which shows the date and amount of each cancelled or adjusted tax withholding, and the name and Social Security identification number of the annuitant from whom it was withheld. If either party terminates the agreement and the amount of cancelled or adjusted deductions exceeds the amount withheld for the final quarter, then the quarterly report shall show the amount to be refunded to OPM and the address to which payment should be made.

(3) An annual summary report which contains the name, Social Security identification number, and total amount withheld from non-cancelled payments during the previous calendar year, for each annuitant who requested tax withholding payable to the State. In the event the annuitant had State income tax withholding in effect for more than one State in that calendar year, the report will show only the amount withheld for the State receiving the report.

(4) An annual report to each annuitant for whom State income taxes were withheld giving the amount of withholding paid to the State during the calendar year.