U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 870.203 - Post-election BIA.

(a) The BIA of an individual who elects a Living Benefit under subpart K of this part is the amount of insurance left after the effective date of the Living Benefit election. This amount is the individual's post-election BIA.

(1) The post-election BIA of an individual who elects a full Living Benefit is 0.

(2) If an employee elects a partial Living Benefit, the employee still has some Basic insurance. OFEGLI determines this amount by computing the BIA as of the date it receives the completed Living Benefit application and reducing the amount by a percentage. This percentage represents the amount of the employee's partial Living Benefit payment, compared to the amount the employee could have received if he or she had elected a full Living Benefit. The amount that is left is rounded up or down to the nearest multiple of $1,000. (If the amount is midway between multiples, it is rounded up to the next higher multiple.)

(b) The post-election BIA cannot change after the effective date of the Living Benefit election.

(c) If an employee elected a partial Living Benefit and that employee is under age 45 at the time of death, OFEGLI will multiply the post-election BIA by the appropriate factor, as specified in § 870.202(c), in effect on the date 9 months after the date OFEGLI received the completed Living Benefit application.

[75 FR 60576, Oct. 1, 2010]