U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 06, 2022

§ 891.301 - Suspension and termination.

(a) When used in this section, “month” includes the 4-week period for which a retired employee (other than a survivor) receives compensation.

(b) When compensation is entirely suspended or annuity is entirely waived or suspended, Government contributions are suspended. If the election is to subscribe to the uniform plan, and the annuity or compensation is suspended, or the annuity is waived to the extent that the retired employee's share of the cost cannot be withheld, withholdings and Government contributions are suspended, but the subscription continues.

(c) If the waiver or suspension covers 3 months or less, Government contributions and withholdings for the period of waiver or suspension shall be made when annuity payment is resumed. If the waiver or suspension covers more than 3 months, the retired employee's election is terminated effective at the end of the third month of waiver or suspension. A terminated election is renewed when annuity or compensation payment is resumed. When a terminated election is renewed pursuant to this paragraph, withholdings and Government contributions shall be made for the first 3 months of the waiver or suspension. Withholdings and Government contributions shall be made for annuity or compensation accruing after the election is renewed.

(d) If title of a retired employee to annuity or compensation is terminated, his eligibility under this part is terminated.

(e) If the eligibility of a retired employee is terminated and other members of the same family continue to be eligible under this part, the election of the former retired employee continues for the remainder of the family unless and until changed in accordance with § 891.202.