U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 31, 2023

§ 892.402 - I am a survivor annuitant as well as an active Federal employee; am I eligible for premium conversion?

(a) If you are a survivor annuitant enrolled in FEHB who is receiving an annuity and you are employed in a position that conveys FEHB eligibility and is covered by the premium conversion plan, you are eligible to participate in premium conversion.

(b)(1) If you wish to participate in premium conversion, you must notify your employing agency. Your employing agency will transfer in your FEHB coverage from the retirement system, and your employing agency will assume responsibility for contributing the government share of your FEHB coverage. Your coverage, including what FEHB plans you are eligible to enroll in, will be based on your status as an active employee and your employing agency will deduct your premiums from your salary.

(2) If you do not notify your employing agency that you wish to participate in premium conversion, you will keep your FEHB coverage as a survivor annuitant, but your contributions towards your FEHB premiums will be made on an after-tax basis. Your status as an annuitant under the retirement regulations and your right to continue FEHB as a survivor annuitant following your period of employment is unaffected.

[68 FR 56529, Oct. 1, 2003]