U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 315.714 - Conversion based on service in a post-secondary student appointment under part 316, subpart I, of this chapter.

(a) Agency authority. An agency may convert to a career or career-conditional appointment from a time-limited appointment pursuant to 5 CFR part 316, subpart I, without further competition.

(b) Eligibility. To be eligible for conversion the post-secondary student must:

(1) Have completed the course of study leading to the baccalaureate or graduate degree (or certificate as appropriate);

(2) Have completed not less than 640 hours of current continuous employment in an appointment under § 316.902 of this chapter;

(3) Meet the OPM qualification standards for the position to which the student will be converted; and

(4) Meet the time-in-grade requirements in accordance with 5 CFR part 300, subpart F.

(c) Tenure on conversion. An employee whose employment to career or career-conditional employment under this section becomes:

(1) A career-conditional employee except as provided in paragraph (c)(2) of this section; or

(2) A career employee when he or she has completed the service requirement for career tenure or is excepted from it by § 315.201(c).

(d) Acquisition of competitive status. A post-secondary student converted from time limited employment under this section acquires competitive status upon completion of probation.

[86 FR 46106, Aug. 18, 2021]