U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 352.311 - Reemployment.

(a) An employee who transferred to an international organization with the consent of the employing agency is entitled to be reemployed in his or her former position, or one of like seniority, status, and pay, within 30 days of applying for reemployment if the employee:

(1) Is separated, either voluntarily or involuntarily, without cause, within the term of employment with an international organization; and

(2) Applies for reemployment with the employing agency or its successor no later than 90 days after separation from the international organization.

(b) Pay upon reemployment will be set at that to which the employee would have been entitled had the employee remained with the employing agency.

(c) When an employee's reemployment right is to a position in the SES, reemployment may be to any position in the SES for which the employee is qualified. The employee must be returned at not less than the SES rate of basic pay as determined under 5 CFR part 534, subpart D, at which the employee was being paid immediately before transfer to the international organization, or if pay has been adjusted under § 352.314(c), at not less than the adjusted pay level.

(d) The period of separation caused by the employment of the employee with the international organization and the period necessary to effect reemployment are creditable service for all appropriate civil service employment purposes (e.g., tenure, service computation date, retirement, time in grade). Employees, upon return, are also entitled to restoration of any sick leave.

(e) An employee who elected to retain Federal retirement coverage while employed by the international organization and has made all deposits required for such coverage may make contributions to the TSP which he or she missed as a result of the service with the international organization, and receive make-up agency contributions and lost earnings on the agency contributions, consistent with applicable TSP requirements.

[73 FR 64861, Oct. 31, 2008]