U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 07, 2023

§ 2422.17 - What are a notice of hearing and prehearing conference?

(a) Purpose of notice of a hearing. The Regional Director may issue a notice of hearing involving any issues raised in the petition.

(b) Contents. The notice of hearing will advise affected parties about the hearing. The Regional Director will also notify affected parties of the issues raised in the petition and establish a date for the prehearing conference.

(c) Prehearing conference. A prehearing conference will be conducted by the Hearing Officer, either by meeting or teleconference. All parties must participate in a prehearing conference and be prepared to fully discuss, narrow, and resolve the issues set forth in the notification of the prehearing conference.

(d) No interlocutory appeal of hearing determination. A party may not appeal to the Authority a Regional Director's determination of whether to issue a notice of hearing.