U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 235.5 - Payments to States.

(a) Method of payment. FNS will specify the terms and conditions of the State agency's annual grant of SAE funds in conjunction with the grant award document and will make funds available for payment by means of a Letter of Credit issued in favor of the State agency. The total amount of a State agency's grant shall be equal to the sum of the amounts allocated to such agency under § 235.4 plus or minus any adjustments resulting from the reallocation provisions under paragraph (d) of this section plus any transfers under § 235.6(a) and/or § 235.6(c) of this part. The amount of SAE funds made available for payment to a State agency in any fiscal year shall be determined by FNS upon approval of the State agency's administrative plan under paragraph (b) of this section and any amendments to such plan under paragraph (c) of this section. Funds shall not be made available before the State agency's plan or amendment to such plan, as applicable, has been approved by FNS. However, if the plan has not been approved by October 1 of the base year, FNS may advance SAE funds to the State agency, in amounts determined appropriate by FNS, pending approval of the plan.

(b) Administrative plan. (1) Each State agency shall submit, subject to FNS approval, an initial State Administrative Expense plan based upon guidance provided by FNS. This base year plan shall include:

(i) The staffing pattern for State level personnel;

(ii) A budget for the forthcoming fiscal year showing projected amounts (combined SAE and State funds) by cost category;

(iii) The total amount of budgeted funds to be provided from State sources;

(iv) The total amount of budgeted funds to be provided under this part;

(v) The State agency's estimate of the total amount of budgeted funds (combined SAE and State funds) attributable to administration of the School Nutrition Programs (National School Lunch, School Breakfast and Special Milk Programs), Child and Adult Care Food Program, and/or Food Distribution Program in schools and child and adult care institutions and to each of the major activity areas of the State agency; and

(vi) The State agency's estimate of the total Child and Adult Care Food Program audit funds to be used for the forthcoming fiscal year.

(2) These activity areas shall be defined and described by the State agency in accordance with guidance issued by FNS and may include such activities as program monitoring, technical assistance, Federal reporting/claims processing, policy implementation, and allocation of foods to recipient agencies.

(3) Except in specific instances where determined necessary by FNS, State agencies shall not be required to maintain expenditure records by activity area or program. State agencies shall refer to 2 CFR part 200, subpart E and USDA implementing regulations 2 CFR part 400 and part 415.

(4) FNS shall approve a State agency's plan, or any amendment to such plan under paragraph (c) of this section, if it determines that the plan or amendment is consistent with program administrative needs and SAE requirements under this part.

(5) To the extent practicable, State agencies shall implement their approved plans (as amended). FNS shall monitor State agency implementation of the plans through management evaluations, State agency reports submitted under this part, audits, and through other available means.

(6) FNS may expand plan requirements for individual State agencies in order to address specific administrative deficiencies which affect compliance with program requirements and which have been identified by FNS through its monitoring activities.

(c) Amendments to the administrative plan. A State agency may amend its plan at any time to reflect changes in funding or activities, except that, if such changes are substantive as defined in the June 5, 1997 guidance, and any amendments or updates to this guidance, the State agency shall amend its plan in accordance with guidance provided by FNS. Plan amendments shall provide information in a format consistent with that provided in the State agency's plan, but shall only require FNS approval if it results in a substantive change as defined by FNS.

(d) Reallocation of funds. Annually, between March 1 and May 1 on a date specified by FNS, of each year, each State agency shall submit to FNS a State Administrative Expense Funds Reallocation Report (FNS-525) on the use of SAE funds. At such time, a State agency may release to FNS any funds that have been allocated, reallocated or transferred to it under this part or may request additional funds in excess of its current grant level. Based on this information or on other available information, FNS shall reallocate, as it determines appropriate, any funds allocated to State agencies in the current fiscal year which will not be expended in the following fiscal year and any funds carried over from the prior fiscal year which will not be expended in the current fiscal year. Reallocated funds shall be made available for payment to a State agency upon approval by FNS of the State agency's amendment to the base year plan which covers the reallocated funds, if applicable. Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, a State agency may, at any time, release to FNS for reallocation any funds that have been allocated, reallocated or transferred to it under this part and are not needed to implement its approved plan under this section.

(e) Return of funds. (1) In Fiscal Year 1991, up to 25 per cent of the SAE funds allocated to each State agency under § 235.4 may remain available for obligation and expenditure in the second fiscal year of the grant. In subsequent fiscal years, up to 20 percent may remain available for obligation and expenditure in the second fiscal year. The maximum amount to remain available will be calculated at the time of the formula allocation by multiplying the appropriate percentage by each State agency's formula allocation as provided under § 235.4(a) through (c). At the end of the first fiscal year, the amount subject to the retention limit is determined by subtracting the amount reported by the State agency as Total Federal share of outlays and unliquidated obligations on the fourth quarter Standard Form FNS 777, Financial Status Report, from the total amount of SAE funds made available for that fiscal year (i.e., the formula allocation adjusted for any transfers or reallocations). However, funds provided under § 235.4(d) are not subject to the retention limit. Any funds in excess of the amount that remains available to each State agency shall be returned to FNS.

(2) At the end of the fiscal year following the fiscal year for which funds were allocated, each State agency shall return any funds made available which are unexpended.

(3) Return of funds by the State agency shall be made as soon as practicable, but in any event, not later than 30 days following demand by FNS.

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