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§ 235.6 - Use of funds.

(a) Funds allocated under this part and 7 CFR part 225 shall be used for State agency administrative costs incurred in connection with the programs governed by 7 CFR parts 210, 215, 220, 225, 226, and 250 of this title. Except as provided under § 235.6(c), funds allocated under § 235.4, paragraphs (a) and (b) and 7 CFR part 225 shall be used for the program(s) for which allocated, except that the State agency may transfer funds allocated for any such program(s) to other such program(s). Subject to the provisions of this paragraph, a State agency may also transfer SAE funds that are not needed to implement its approved plan § 235.5(b) to another State agency within the State that is eligible to receive SAE funds under this part. Up to 25 per cent of funds allocated under § 235.4(a) through (c) for Fiscal Year 1991 and up to 20 per cent of funds allocated in subsequent fiscal years to a State agency may, subject to the provisions of § 235.5 of this part, remain available for obligation and expenditure by such State agency during the following fiscal year.

(a-1) State administrative expense funds paid to any State may be used by State agencies to pay salaries, including employee benefits and travel expenses for administrative and supervisory personnel, for support services, for office equipment, and for staff development, particularly for monitoring and training of food service personnel at the local level in areas such as food purchasing and merchandizing. Such funds shall be used to employ additional personnel, as approved in the applicable State plan to supervise, improve management, and give technical assistance to school food authorities and to institutions in their initiation, expansion, and conduct of any programs for which the funds are made available. State agencies may also use these funds for their general administrative expenses in connection with any such programs, including travel and related expenses. Additional personnel or part-time personnel hired are expected to meet professional qualifications and to be paid at salary scales of positions of comparable difficulty and responsibility under the State agency. Personnel may be used on a staff year equivalent basis, thus permitting new personnel and existing staff to be cross-utilized for most effective and economical operation under existing and new programs. State agencies may also use these funds for the purposes of State director annual continuing education/training as described in § 235.11(g)(3); however, costs associated with obtaining college credits to meet the hiring standards in § 235.11(g)(1) and (2) are not allowable.

(a-2) State Administrative Expense Funds paid to any State agency under § 235.4(b)(3) shall be available for reviews conducted under § 210.18 activities associated with carrying out actions to ensure adherence to the program performance standards.

(b) State administrative expense funds shall be used consistent with the cost principles and constraints on allowable and unallowable costs and indirect cost rates as prescribed in 2 CFR part 200, subpart E and USDA implementing regulations 2 CFR part 400 and part 415.

(c) In addition to State Administrative Expense funds made available specifically for food distribution purposes under § 235.4 (b)(2) and (b)(4), State Administrative Expense funds allocated under § 235.4 (a)(1), (a)(2), (b)(1), (b)(3), and (d), and under (b)(4) for the Child and Adult Care Food Program may be used to assist in the administration of the Food Distribution Program (7 CFR part 250) in schools and institutions which participate in programs governed by parts 210, 220, and 226 of this title when such Food Distribution Program is administered within the State agency and may also be used to pay administrative expenses of a distributing agency, when such agency is other than the State agency and is responsible for administering all or part of such Food Distribution Program.

(d) FNS shall allocate, for the purpose of providing grants on an annual basis to public entities and private nonprofit organizations participating in projects under section 18(c) of the National School Lunch Act, not more than $4,000,000 in each of Fiscal Years 1993 and 1994. Subject to the maximum allocation for such projects for each fiscal year, at the beginning of each of Fiscal Years 1993 and 1994, FNS shall allocate, from funds available under § 235.5(d) that have not otherwise been allocated to States, an amount equal to the estimates by FNS of the funds to be returned under paragraph (a) of this section, but not less than $1,000,000 in each fiscal year. To the extent that amounts returned to FNS are less than estimated or are insufficient to meet the needs of the projects, FNS may allocate amounts to meet the needs of the projects from funds available under this section that have not been otherwise allocated to States. FNS shall reallocate any of the excess funds above the minimum level in accordance with § 235.5(d).

(e) Where State Administrative Expense Funds are used to acquire personal property or services the provisions of §§ 235.9 and 235.10 must be observed.

(f) Each State agency shall adequately safeguard all assets and assure that they are used solely for authorized purposes.

(g) Whoever embezzles, willfully misapplies, steals, or obtains by fraud any funds, assets, or property provided under this part, whether received directly or indirectly from the Department, shall:

(1) If such funds, assets, or property are of a value of $100 or more, be fined not more than $25,000 or imprisoned not more than five years or both; or

(2) If such funds, assets, or property are of a value of less than $100, be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than one year or both.

(h) Whoever receives, conceals, or retains to his use or gain funds, assets, or property provided under this part, whether received directly or indirectly from the Department, knowing such funds, assets, or property have been embezzled, willfully misapplied, stolen, or obtained by fraud, shall be subject to the same penalties provided in paragraph (h) of this section.

(i) Full use of Federal funds. States and State agencies must support the full use of Federal funds provided to State agencies for the administration of Child Nutrition Programs, and exclude such funds from State budget restrictions or limitations including hiring freezes, work furloughs, and travel restrictions.

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