U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 235.7 - Records and reports.

(a) Each State agency shall keep records on the expenditure of State administrative expense funds provided under this part and part 225 of this title. Such records shall conform with the applicable State plan for use of State administrative expense funds. The State agency shall make such records available, upon a reasonable request, to FNS, OIG, or the U.S. Comptroller General and shall maintain current accounting records of State administrative expense funds which shall adequately identify fund authorizations, obligations, unobligated balances, assets, liabilities, outlays and income. The records may be kept in their original form or on microfilm, and shall be retained for a period of three years after the date of the submission of the final Financial Status Report, subject to the exceptions noted below:

(1) If audit findings have not been resolved, the records shall be retained beyond the three-year period as long as required for the resolution of the issues raised by the audit.

(2) Records for nonexpendable property acquired with State Administrative Expense Funds shall be retained for three years after its final disposition.

(b) Each State agency shall submit to FNS a quarterly Financial Status Report (FNS–777) on the use of State administrative expense funds provided for each fiscal year under this part. Reports shall be postmarked and/or submitted to FNS no later than 30 days after the end of each quarter of the fiscal year and, in case of funds carried over under § 235.6(a), each quarter of the following fiscal year until all such funds have been obligated and expended. Obligations shall be reported for the fiscal year in which they occur. Each State agency shall submit a final Financial Status Report for each fiscal year's State administrative expense funds. This report shall be postmarked and/or submitted to FNS no later than 30 days after the end of the fiscal year following the fiscal year for which the funds were initially made available. Based on guidance provided by FNS, each State agency shall also use the quarterly FNS–777 to report on the use of State funds provided during the fiscal year. Each State agency shall also submit an annual report containing information on School Food Authorities under agreement with the State agency to participate in the National School Lunch or Commodity School programs.

(c) State agencies operating those programs governed by parts 210, 215, 220 and 226 and those State agencies which are distributing agencies eligible for SAE funds shall participate in surveys and studies of programs authorized under the National School Lunch Act, as amended, and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, as amended, when such studies and surveys are authorized by the Secretary of Agriculture. The aforementioned State agencies shall encourage individual School Food Authorities, child and adult care institutions, and distributing agencies (as applicable) to participate in such studies and surveys. Distribution of State Administrative Expense funds to an individual State agency is contingent upon that State agency's cooperation in such studies and surveys.

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