U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 285.2 - Funding.

(a) FNS shall, consistent with the plan of operation required by § 285.3 of this part, and subject to availability of funds, provide nutrition assistance grant funds to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to cover 100 percent of the expenditures related to food assistance provided to needy persons and 50 percent of the administrative expenses related to the food assistance. The amount of the grant funds provided to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico shall not exceed amounts appropriated for this purpose for each fiscal year.

(b) FNS shall, subject to the provisions in §§ 285.3 and 285.5 in this part, and limited by the provisions of paragraph (a) of this section, pay to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for the applicable fiscal year, the amount estimated by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico pursuant to § 285.3(b)(4). Payments shall be made no less frequently than on a monthly basis prior to the beginning of each month consistent with the Treasury Fiscal Requirement Manual, Volume I, part 6, section 2030; these letters of credit shall be drawn on an as-needed basis. The amount shall be reduced or increased to the extent of any prior overpayment or underpayment which FNS determines has been made and which has not been previoulsy adjusted. The payment(s) received by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for a fiscal year shall not exceed the total authorized for the grant, or the total cost for the nutrition assistance program eligible for funding, whichever is less, for that fiscal year.

(c) FNS may recover from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, through offsets to funding during any fiscal year, funds previously paid to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and later determined by the Secretary to have been overpayments. Funds which may be recovered include, but are not limited to:

(1) Costs not included in the approved plan of operation;

(2) Unallowable costs discovered in audit or investigation findings;

(3) Funds allocated to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico which exceeded expenditures during the fiscal year for which the funds were authorized; or

(4) Amounts owed to FNS as a result of the nutrition assistance grant which have been billed to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and which the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has failed to pay without cause acceptable to FNS.

(d) Funds for payment of any prior fiscal year expenditures shall be claimed from the funding for that prior year. The payment of funds shall not exceed the authorization for that prior fiscal year.

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