U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 22, 2023

§ 28.23 - Suspension or revocation of license.

(a) Any license issued to a warehouse or gin to sample cotton may be suspended or revoked, following notice and opportunity for hearing, if the licensee has knowingly or carelessly sampled cotton improperly, or has submitted improper samples for classification, or has violated any provision of the Act or the regulations, or has used the license, or allowed it to be used, for any improper purpose.

(b) Procedure. (1) All cases arising under this paragraph shall be conducted under the Uniform Rules of Practice, 7 CFR 1.130 et seq., and instituted upon a complaint filed by the Administrator.

(2) In all cases except those involving willfulness, or in which the public health, interest, or safety otherwise requires, prior to the institution of a formal proceeding, the Administrator shall give written notice to the licensee of facts or conduct which appear to warrant institution of such a proceeding and shall afford the licensee the opportunity, within a reasonable time, to demonstrate or achieve compliance with the Act and regulations.

(c) Suspension pending adjudication. In any situation where the integrity of sampling procedures would be seriously jeopardized if a license remained valid pending formal adjudication, the Administrator may temporarily suspend the license effective on or after the third day after mailing notice thereof to the licensee's last know address. Notice of temporary suspension may be made at or after the filing of a complaint and shall contain the reasons for the action.

(d) Conditional suspension. (1) The Administrator may temporarily suspend a license, without hearing, for a correctable cause. Such suspension, after appropriate corrective action is taken, will terminate.

(2) Written notice shall be given to the licensee in advance of a temporary suspension if practicable, or within 2 days of oral notice, stating the reasons and grounds for temporary suspension.

(3) A licensee may request a formal hearing procedure following receipt of oral or written notice of temporary suspension.

(e) During any period in which the cotton sampling license of a warehouse or gin is suspended or revoked, the Division will not accept any samples from the licensee for Form A determination, or for classification pursuant to §§ 28.901 through 28.917.