U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 28.25 - Samples for Form A determination.

Samples for Form A determination shall be drawn, handled, identified, and shipped by a licensed warehouse according to the methods and procedures specified in this section. Any samples or set of samples which do not meet these specified requirements may be rejected by the Area Director.

(a) Samples shall be freshly drawn.

(b) Each sample shall consist of two portions, one drawn from each side of the bale. Each portion shall be at least six (6) inches wide and approximately twelve (12) inches long and shall weigh at least three (3) ounces.

(c) Where it is necessary to draw two sets of samples, a single cut should be made in each side of the bale, and the portion of cotton removed from each cut should be broken in half across the layers to provide two complete samples. In those cases where this method would result in samples of insufficient length, it will be acceptable to split the sample lengthwise along the layers provided the outside portion from each side is submitted for the official classification.

(d) Dressing, trimming, or discarding part of the sample is prohibited. No part of the cotton or pieces of bagging, leaf, grass, dirt, sand, or any other material shall be removed from either side of the sample.

(e) A coupon showing the correct warehouse bale number and name and address of warehouse shall be placed between the two portions of each sample.

(f) Samples shall be identified and sacked immediately after they are cut without further handling prior to shipment to the Classing Office.

(g) Samples shall be addressed to and mailed, shipped, or delivered direct to the Classing Office serving the territory in which the warehouse is located. Samples shall in no case be consigned or routed through the owner or custodian of the cotton. Samples mailed or shipped shall be prepaid.

(h) The Area Director may require that any licensed warehouse shall provide the crop year, gin name and gin bale number for each sample submitted whenever the Area Director deems that such information is necessary in order to assure that each sample is properly identified with the correct bale of cotton.

(i) The licensed warehouse shall cooperate with employees of the Division making inspections of sampling procedures, and shall draw or permit the drawing of such additional samples, without charge as may be deemed necessary to appraise sampling procedures.

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