U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 28.66 - Review procedure.

A review of any Form A, C, or D determination may be requested by the owner or custodian of the cotton from which the sample was drawn within 30 days after the issuance of the original memorandum. Such review shall cover all of the quality factors for which the original determination was made. Requests for reviews of Form A or D determinations may be filed with, and the review made by, the Classing Office which issued such memorandum or the Quality Control System. Requests for reviews of Form C determinations shall be filed with, and the reviews made by, the Quality Control System. Redrawn samples shall be required for reviews of Form A and Form C determinations except in cases where the original samples have remained, identity preserved, in the custody of the Division. When redrawn samples are necessary, they shall be drawn and submitted as prescribed in this subpart. As evidence of a review determination, a Form A or D memorandum or Form C certificate appropriately marked to indicate that it represents a review determination shall be issued to the applicant requesting the review. The applicant may be required by the Classing Office or the Quality Control Section issuing such review determination to surrender the original classification memorandum or certificate. In any event the review determination shall supersede and invalidate the original determination.

[52 FR 30882, Aug. 18, 1987]