U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 23, 2024

§ 28.908 - Samples.

(a) Only one sample to be submitted. Only one sample from each bale of eligible cotton shall be submitted for classification under this subpart. This does not prohibit the submission of an additional sample from a bale for review classification if the producer so desires.

(b) Drawing of samples manual. (1) Each cut sample shall be drawn from the bale after it is tied out following the ginning process, and shall be approximately 6 ounces in weight, not less than 3 ounces of which are to be drawn from each side of the bale: Provided, That each sample from a bale of American Pima cotton shall be approximately 10 ounces in weight, not less than 5 ounces of which are to be drawn from each side of the bale.

(2) Where it is necessary to draw two sets of samples, a single cut should be made in each side of the bale, and the portion of cotton removed from each cut should be broken in half across the layers to provide two complete samples. In those cases where this method would result in samples of insufficient length, it will be acceptable to split the sample lengthwise along the layers, provided the outside portion from each side is submitted for the official classification.

(c) Mechanical sampling. Samples may be drawn in gins equipped with mechanical samplers approved by the Division and operated according to sampling instructions furnished by the Director or an authorized representative. Such samples shall not be less than 6 ounces in weight.

(d) Samples must be representative. Each sample must be representative of the bale from which drawn.

(e) Handling samples. Samples shall not be dressed or trimmed and shall be carefully handled in such manner as not to cause loss of leaf, sand, or other material, or otherwise change their representative character. Samples shall be handled only by employees of the licensee prior to shipment or delivery to the cotton classing office of the Division.

(f) Identifying and shipping samples. Each sample shall be identified with a tag, supplied or approved by the Division, bearing the gin or warehouse number of the bale from which the sample was drawn and the name and address of the producer of the bale. The tag shall be placed between the two halves of the sample, the sample tightly rolled and enclosed in a package or bag for shipment. Each package or bag shall be labeled or marked with the name and address of the licensed gin or warehouse. The packages shall be shipped or delivered direct to the cotton classing office serving the territory in which the cotton is ginned. Samples that were drawn by a mechanical sampler at the gin may be transported with the bales to the warehouse and then shipped or delivered direct to the classing office by the warehouse.

(g) Request for classification. Samples received from a licensed gin or warehouse with the identification tag required in § 28.908(f) shall constitute a request for classification service by the producer.