U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 29.73 - Designation of markets; termination of designation.

An auction market where tobacco bought or sold thereon at auction or the products customarily manufactured therefrom move in commerce may be designated under the Act by the Secretary after the Director has advised the Secretary that two-thirds of the growers voting in the referendum held in accordance with § 29.74 favored the designation of such market. When a market is designated by the Secretary, he shall give public notice of the fact and in such public notice he shall specify the date on which the requirement of inspection and certification of tobacco sold at auction on such market shall become effective. The Director may temporarily suspend the requirement of inspection and certification on a designated market when it is found impracticable to provide such services because competent inspectors are not obtainable or because the quantity of tobacco available for inspection is insufficient to justify the cost of such service. A designation shall terminate automatically at the end of any two consecutive marketing seasons during which a designated market does not conduct any sales of tobacco at auction. A market whose designation is terminated under this section shall be considered as a new market, as defined in § 29.1, and any future application for services shall be filed and determined in accordance with the provisions of §§ 29.3 and 29.2.

[38 FR 27599, Oct. 5, 1973]