U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 29.74 - Growers' referendum.

(a) Method of conducting. Any referendum held as provided in section 5 of the Act shall be conducted by the Division in accordance with this section. The Director shall determine (1) the market or group of markets to be covered by a referendum; (2) when a referendum is to be held; and (3) the period during which growers, entitled to vote therein, may cast their ballots. When a referendum is held for a group of markets, the result of such referendum may be construed to apply either individually or collectively to such markets. Before holding a referendum, the Division shall establish from the records of the collectors of internal revenue for the preceding marketing season, or in the absence of such records then from such other reliable sources of information as are available, a list showing the names of all growers who are entitled to vote in the referendum, and from the list so established the eligibility of growers to vote in a referendum shall be determined by the Division: Provided, That if a grower, whose name appears on such lists for two or more markets selling the same class of tobacco, votes in one referendum for a market selling such type, he shall not be eligible to vote in a referendum for any other market selling such type. If no growers sold tobacco at auction on a proposed new market during the preceding marketing season, then the list of growers entitled to vote in the referendum shall be comprised of the growers residing in the county where the pRoposed new market is located and in the adjacent counties.

(b) Form of ballot. Ballots to be used for voting in a referendum held under the Act shall be in a form approved for the purpose by the Director.

(c) Distribution of ballots. Ballots to be used by growers in a referendum under the act may be distributed by mail or otherwise as the Director may select. The Director may establish and publish a list of voting places for the purpose of any referendum and distribute ballots therefrom. When ballots are not mailed directly to growers who are entitled to vote, insofar as their addresses are known, the Director shall announce the voting places at which ballots can be secured, and copies of such announcement shall be given to the press and mailed, for posting and distribution, to the post offices of the market or group of markets covered by the referendum and to post offices in the vicinity of such markets or group of markets. Any explanatory statement with reference to a referendum, provisions of the Act and these regulations, or the operation and benefits of the services authorized by the act may be attached to or supplied with ballots.

(d) Filing and tabulation of votes. Each ballot, when filled in and signed by a grower entitled to vote in a referendum, shall be mailed or delivered by him as specified in the ballot. Persons authorized by the Director to receive votes in any referendum shall promptly file all votes received or collected by them with the Division. All ballots filed in a referendum shall be examined to verify the eligibility of the voter and the Director shall have compiled the result of the referendum and furnish the Secretary a statement showing whether or not two-thirds of the growers voting favored the designation of the market or group of markets covered by the referendum. In verifying votes, ballots which do not show the desire of the voter, or ballots which are defective or illegible, or ballots on which the signature or other identification does not correspond with the established list shall not be counted. The choice of any individual voter shall not be divulged by any official of the Division, except to the Secretary when requested. Votes, ballots, and other documents pertaining to a referendum shall be preserved in the Division for a period of 2 years from the closing date of such referendum, and may be destroyed thereafter.

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