U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 24, 2023

§ 29.75 - Accessibility of tobacco.

(a) All tobacco subject to mandatory inspection shall be made readily accessible for inspection.

(b)(1) Each warehouse operator shall block off in his warehouse adequate space for each basket of flue-cured tobacco offered for sale on the auction market, and shall prominently number each 10th basket space. The blocking and numbering arrangement shall follow the order of sale; that is, down one row and back on the adjacent row.

(2) Each warehouse shall display a plainly visible sign with the total number of baskets of flue-cured tobacco allotted to be sold each day. Each warehouse operator shall designate to the inspector the number of the starting space for each day's sale and grading will begin at this designated space. All spaces, whether empty or full, shall be counted. No tobacco will be graded beyond the numbered space corresponding with the number of baskets allotted for each day's sale. The grading shall proceed from the beginning point of the sale to the closing point of the sale in an orderly sequence. An inspector shall not go back and grade any basket of tobacco placed in a space which was empty when grading for the day's sales passed such sales space.

(c) Before starting inspection of the day's sale of flue-cured tobacco in each warehouse, the head grader or market supervisor grader shall determine if there is compliance with the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section. If he determines that the prescribed system has not been followed, the inspectors shall proceed to the next scheduled warehouse and shall return to the noncomplying warehouse on the next sales day for such warehouse when the head grader or market supervisor grader shall again determine if the prescribed system has been followed before starting the inspection.

(d) A reduction in daily sales for any warehouse resulting from noncompliance with this section, including empty spaces, shall not prevent the maximum number of baskets allotted per day per set of buyers from being sold in the market.

(e) Each receiving station operator shall make tobacco accessible to the inspector for proper examination including any necessary display in adequate light for determination of grade, class, type, or other characteristics.

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