U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 29.1225 - Key to standard grademarks.

B—Leaf. H—Smoking Leaf. C—Cutters. X—Lugs. P—Primings. M—Mixed Group. N—Nondescript. S—Scrap.


1—Choice. 2—Fine. 3—Good. 4—Fair. 5—Low. 6—Poor.

Color Symbols

L—Lemon. LL—Whitish-lemon. F—Orange. FR—Orange red. R—Red. K—Variegated. KR—Variegated red or scorched. G—Green. V—Greenish. GR—Green red. GK—Green variegated. GG—Gray green. KL—Variegated lemon. KF—Variegated orange. KV—Variegated greenish. KM—Variegated mixed. KD—Variegated dark red. LL—Whitish-lemon.

Combination Symbols

XL—Lug side. PO—Oxidized primings, XO—Oxidized lugs or cutters. BO—Oxidized leaf or smoking leaf. GL—Thin-bodied nondescript. GF—Medium-bodied nondescript. LP—Lemon (primings side). FP—Orange (primings side). KK—Excessively scorched.

Special Symbol


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