U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 28, 2023

§ 29.3101 - Elements of quality and degrees of each element.

These standardized words or terms are used to describe tobacco quality and to assist in interpreting grade specifications. Tobacco attributes or characteristics which constitute quality are designated as elements of quality. The range within each element is expressed by the use of words or terms designated as degrees. These several degrees are arranged to show their relative value, but the actual value of each degree varies with type, group, and grade. In each case the first and last degrees represent the full range for the element, and the intermediate degrees show gradual steps between them.

Elements Degrees
1 BodyTissueyThinMediumFleshyHeavy.
2 MaturityMellowRipeMatureUnderripeImmature.
3 Leaf structure (porosity and solidity).PorousOpenFirmCloseSolid.
4 Leaf surface (smoothness)SmoothEvenWavyWrinklyRough.
5 FinishBrightClearModerateDullDingy.
6 Color intensityDeepStrong doWeakPale.
7 WidthBroadSpreadyNormalNarrowStringy.
8 Length( 1)( 1)( 1)( 1)( 1)
9 Uniformity( 2)( 2)( 2)( 2)( 2)
10 Injury tolerance( 2)( 2)( 2)( 2)( 2)

1 Expressed in inches.

2 Expressed in percentage.