U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 29.3106 - Rule 3.

In drawing an official sample from a hogshead or other package of tobacco, three or more breaks shall be made at such points and in such manner as the inspector or sampler may find necessary to determine the kinds of tobacco and the percentage of each kind contained in the lot. One break shall be made not more than six inches from the top of the package and one not more than six inches from the bottom. All breaks shall be made so that the tobacco contained in the center of the package is visible to the sampler. Tobacco shall be drawn from at least three breaks from which a representative sample shall be selected. The sample shall include tobacco of each different group, quality, color, length, and kind found in the lot in proportion to the quantities of each contained in the lot.

[24 FR 8771, Oct. 29, 1959, as amended at 49 FR 16758, Apr. 20, 1984]