U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 29.9405 - Issuance of marketing area opening date and selling schedules by the Secretary.

(a) The Secretary shall review the recommendations of the Flue-Cured Tobacco Advisory Committee and based upon such recommendations and the basis therefor and such other information as may be available to him, shall specify the geographic areas to be encompassed by specific marketing areas, set the opening dates for sale within the marketing areas and issue the selling schedules for designated and undesignated tobacco. The inspection of flue-cured tobacco shall be in accordance with said schedules.

(b) The Flue-Cured Tobacco Advisory Committee shall recommend modifications in the opening date and marketing schedule during the flue-cured tobacco marketing season as may be warranted by changes in marketing conditions and the Secretary shall act thereon in the same manner as approving the initial opening date and marketing schedules.

[39 FR 17754, May 20, 1974, as amended at 39 FR 30476, Aug. 23, 1974]