U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 21, 2023

§ 48.7 - Evidence to justify dumping.

Any person, receiving produce in interstate commerce or in the District of Columbia, having reason to destroy, abandon, discard as refuse or dump such produce, should, prior to such destroying, abandoning, discarding or dumping, obtain a dumping certificate or other evidence of justification for such action. Certification, showing that the produce has no commercial value, should be obtained from:

(a) An inspector authorized by the United States Department of Agriculture to inspect produce; or (b) a health officer, or food inspector of any State, county, parish, city or municipality or of the District of Columbia. When no inspector or health officer, as designated in paragraph (a) or (b) of this section is available, affidavits as to the condition of the produce should be obtained from two disinterested persons having no financial interest in the produce involved or in the business of a person financially interested therein, and who are unrelated by blood or marriage to any such financially interested person, and who, at the time of certification, and for a period of at least one year immediately prior thereto, have been engaged in the handling of the same general kind or class of produce with respect to which such affidavits are to be made. The certificate or affidavit obtained for justifying dumping should identify the produce to be dumped by giving the name of the shipper, any identifying marks or brands on the original container, the type of container, the commodity, the quantity, the date of inspection, and contain a short description of the condition of the produce to be dumped at the time of inspection. The name, address and title of the person or persons making such inspection should also be designated on the certificate or affidavit.