U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 51.2542 - U.S. Artificially Opened.

“U.S. Artificially Opened” consists of artificially opened pistachio nuts in the shell which meet the following requirements:

(a) Basic Requirements:

(1) Free from:

(i) Foreign material;

(ii) Loose kernels;

(iii) Shell pieces;

(iv) Particles and dust; and,

(v) Blanks.

(b) Shells:

(1) Free from:

(i) Non-split shells; and,

(ii) Shells not split on suture.

(2) Free from damage by:

(i) Adhering hull material;

(ii) Light stained;

(iii) Dark stained; and,

(iv) Other External (shell) defects.

(c) Kernels:

(1) Well dried, or, very well dried when specified in connection with the grade.

(2) Free from damage by:

(i) Immature kernels;

(ii) Kernel spotting; and,

(iii) Other Internal (kernel) defects.

(3) Free from serious damage by:

(i) Minor insect or vertebrate injury;

(ii) Insect damage;

(iii) Mold;

(iv) Rancidity;

(v) Decay; and,

(vi) Other Internal (kernel) defects.

(d) The nuts are of a size not less than 30/64 inch in diameter as measured by a round hole screen.

(e) For tolerances, see § 51.2544.

[68 FR 50683, Aug. 22, 2003]