U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 701.23 - Eligible costs.

(a) Cost-share assistance may be authorized for all reasonable costs incurred in the completion of the practice, up to the maximums provided in §§ 701.126, 701.127, and 701.226.

(b) Eligible costs shall be limited as follows:

(1) Costs for use of personal equipment shall be limited to those incurred beyond the normal operation of the eligible land.

(2) Costs for personal labor shall be limited to personal labor not normally required in the operation of the eligible land.

(3) Costs for the use of personal equipment and labor must be less than that charged for such equipment and labor by commercial contractors regularly employed in such areas.

(4) Costs shall not exceed those needed to achieve the minimum performance necessary to resolve the problem being corrected by the practice. Any costs above those levels shall not be considered to be eligible costs for purposes of calculations made under this part.

(c) Costs shall not exceed the practice specifications in § 701.112(d) or § 701.212(d) for cost-share calculations.

(d) The gross amount on which the cost-share eligibility may be computed will not include any costs that were reimbursed by a third party including, but not limited to, an insurance indemnity payment.

(e) Total cost-share payments from all sources shall not exceed the total of eligible costs of the practice to the applicant.

[69 FR 10302, Mar. 4, 2004, and amended at 75 FR 70088, Nov. 17, 2010]