U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 04, 2022

§ 701.211 - Prohibition on duplicate payments.

(a) Participants are not eligible to receive funding under EFRP for land on which FSA determines that the participant has or will receive funding for the same or similar expenses under:

(1) The Emergency Conservation Program provided for in subpart B of this part;

(2) The Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) provided for in part 1467 of this title;

(3) The Emergency Wetland Reserve Program (EWRP) provided for in part 623 of this chapter;

(4) The Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP), provided for in part 624 of this chapter; or

(5) Any other program that covers the same or similar expenses so as to create duplicate payments, or, have the effect of creating in total, otherwise, a higher rate of financial assistance than is allowed on its own under this part.

(b) Participants who receive any duplicate funds, payments, or benefits must refund any EFRP payments received, except the Deputy Administrator may reduce the refund amount to the amount determined appropriate by the Deputy Administrator to ensure that the total amount of assistance received by the owner of the land under all programs does not exceed an amount otherwise allowed in this part.