U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 05, 2023

§ 718.112 - Redetermination.

(a) A redetermination of crop acreage, appraised yield, or farm-stored production for a farm may be initiated by the county committee, State committee, or Deputy Administrator at any time. Redetermination may be requested by a producer with an interest in the farm if the producer pays the cost of the redetermination. The request must be submitted to FSA within 5 calendar days after the initial appraisal of the yield of a crop, or before the farm-stored production is removed from storage. A redetermination will be undertaken in the manner prescribed by the Deputy Administrator. A redetermination will be used in lieu of any prior determination unless it is determined by the representative of the Deputy Administrator that there is good cause not to do so.

(b) FSA will refund the payment of the cost for a redetermination when, because of an error in the initial determination:

(1) The appraised yield is changed by at least the larger of:

(i) Five percent or 5 pounds for cotton;

(ii) Five percent or 1 bushel for wheat, barley, oats, and rye; or

(iii) Five percent or 2 bushels for corn and grain sorghum; or

(2) The farm stored production is changed by at least the smaller of 3 percent or 600 bushels; or

(3) The acreage of the crop is:

(i) Changed by at least the larger of 3 percent or 0.5 acre; or

(ii) Considered to be within program requirements.

[68 FR 16176, Apr. 3, 2003, as amended at 80 FR 41996, July 16, 2015]