U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 785.8 - Reports by qualifying States receiving mediation grant funds.

(a) Annual report by the State on its Certified Mediation Program. No later than 30 days following the end of a fiscal year during which a qualifying State received a grant award under this part, the State must submit to the Administrator an annual report on its Certified Mediation Program. The annual report must include the following:

(1) A review of mediation services provided by the State's Certified Mediation Program during the preceding Federal fiscal year providing information concerning the following matters:

(i) A narrative review of the goals and accomplishments of the State's Certified Mediation Program in providing intake and scheduling of cases; the provision of background and selected information regarding the mediation process; financial advisory and counseling services, training, notification, public education, increasing resolution rates, and obtaining program funding from sources other than the grant under this part.

(ii) A quantitative summary for the preceding fiscal year, and for prior fiscal years, as appropriate, for comparisons of program activities and outcomes of the cases opened and closed during the reporting period; mediation services provided to clients grouped by program and subdivided by issue, USDA agency, types of covered persons and other participants; and the resolution rate for each category of issue reported for cases closed during the year;

(2) An assessment of the performance and effectiveness of State's Certified Mediation Programconsidering:

(i) Estimated average costs of mediation services per client with estimates furnished in terms of the allowable costs set forth in § 785.4(b)(1).

(ii) Estimated savings to the State as a result of having the State mediation program certified including:

(A) Projected costs of avoided USDA administrative appeals based on projections of the average costs of such appeals furnished to the State by FSA, with the assistance of the USDA National Appeals Division and other agencies as appropriate;

(B) In agricultural credit mediations that do not result from a USDA adverse program decision, projected cost savings to the various parties as a result of resolution of their dispute in mediation. Projected cost savings will be based on such reliable statistical data as may be obtained from State statistical sources including the State's bar association, State Department of Agriculture, State court system or Better Business Bureau, or other reliable State or Federal sources;

(iii) Recommendations for improving the delivery of mediation services to covered persons, including:

(A) Increasing responsiveness to needs for mediation services.

(B) Promoting increases in dispute resolution rates.

(C) Improving assessments of training needs.

(D) Improving delivery of training.

(E) Reducing costs per mediation.

(3) Such other matters relating to the program as the State may elect to include, or as the Administrator may require.

(b) Audits. Any qualifying State receiving a grant under this part is required to submit an audit report in compliance with 2 CFR part 200, subpart F.

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