U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 07, 2022

§ 789.36 - Mandatory acceptance of allocations orders.

(a) A person must accept every allocations order received that the person is capable of fulfilling, and must comply with such orders regardless of any rated order that the person may be in receipt of or other commitments involving the resource(s) covered by the allocations order.

(b) A person must not discriminate against an allocations order in any manner such as by charging higher prices for resources covered by the order or by imposing terms and conditions for contracts and orders involving allocated resources(s) that differ from the person's terms and conditions for contracts and orders for the resource(s) prior to receiving the allocations order.

(c) If circumstances prevent a person from being able to accept an allocations order, the person must comply with the provisions specified in § 789.60 upon realization of the inability to accept the order.