U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Aug 11, 2022

§ 1410.22 - CRP conservation plan.

(a) The producer must obtain a CRP conservation plan that complies with CCC guidelines and is approved by NRCS.

(b) The practices included in the conservation plan and agreed to by the participant must cost-effectively reduce erosion necessary to maintain the productive capability of the soil, improve water quality, protect wildlife or wetlands, protect a public wellhead, improve grassland, or achieve other environmental benefits as applicable. The participant must undertake maintenance activities on the land as needed throughout the contract period to implement the conservation plan.

(c) If applicable, a tree planting plan or forest stewardship plan must be developed and included in the conservation plan. Such tree planting or forest stewardship plan may allow up to 3 years to complete plantings if 10 or more acres of hardwood trees are to be established.

(d) If applicable, the conservation plan must address the goals included in the conservation priority area designation authorized under § 1410.8.

(e) Except for land enrolled under a grassland signup, as specified in § 1410.30(c), management activities must be conducted as needed throughout the contract period in accordance with an approved conservation plan. However, the planned management activity is not required in the case where a natural disaster or adverse weather event occurs that has the same effect of the planned management activity. CCC will not provide any cost-share payment for any management activities.