U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 1415.6 - Participant eligibility.

To be eligible to participate in GRP, an applicant, except as otherwise described in § 1415.17:

(a) Must be a landowner for easement participation or be a landowner or have control of the eligible acreage being offered for rental contract participation;

(b) Agree to provide such information to USDA that is necessary or desirable to assist in its determination of eligibility for program benefits and for other program implementation purposes;

(c) Meet the Adjusted Gross Income requirements in part 1400 of this chapter, unless exempted under part 1400 of this chapter; and

(d) Meet the conservation compliance requirements found in part 12 of this title.

[75 FR 73925, Nov. 29, 2010, as amended at 83 FR 23209, May 18, 2018]