U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 05, 2022

§ 1416.2 - Administration of ELAP, LFP, LIP, and TAP.

(a) The programs in subparts B through E of this part is administered under the general supervision and direction of the Administrator, Farm Service Agency (FSA) (who also serves as the Executive Vice-President, CCC), and the Deputy Administrator for Farm Programs, FSA (referred to as the “Deputy Administrator” in this part).

(b) FSA representatives do not have authority to modify or waive any of the provisions of the regulations of this part as amended or supplemented, except as specified in paragraph (e) of this section.

(c) The State FSA committee will take any action required by the regulations of this part that the county FSA committee has not taken. The State FSA committee will also:

(1) Correct, or require a county FSA committee to correct, any action taken by such county FSA committee that is not in accordance with the regulations of this part or

(2) Require a county FSA committee to withhold taking any action that is not in accordance with this part.

(d) No provision or delegation to a State or county FSA committee will preclude the FSA Administrator, the Deputy Administrator, or a designee or other such person, from determining any question arising under the programs of this part, or from reversing or modifying any determination made by a State or county FSA committee.

(e) The Deputy Administrator may authorize State and county FSA committees to waive or modify non-statutory deadlines, or other program requirements of this part in cases where lateness or failure to meet such requirements does not adversely affect operation of the programs in this part. Participants have no right to an exception under this provision. The Deputy Administrator's refusal to consider cases or circumstances or decision not to exercise this discretionary authority under this provision will not be considered an adverse decision and is not appealable.

(f) Payments issued under this part are subject to the availability of funds under Federal law. Within whatever funding limitation that may exist under law, the only funds that will be considered available to pay eligible losses will be that amount approved by the Secretary. If funds are limited, for a particular program year, payments may be delayed until the time for applying for the payment for that program year has passed. In the event that, within the limits of the funding made available by the Secretary, approval of eligible applications would result in expenditures in excess of the amount available, FSA will prorate the available funds by a national factor to reduce the total expected payments to the amount made available by the Secretary. FSA will make payments based on the factor for the national rate determined by FSA. FSA will prorate the payments in such manner as it determines necessary and appropriate and reasonable. Applications for payment that are unpaid or prorated for a program year for any reason will not be carried forward for payment under other funds for later years or otherwise, but will be considered, as to any unpaid amount, void and nonpayable.

[79 FR 21097, Apr. 14, 2014, as amended at 83 FR 49463, Oct. 2, 2018; 85 FR 10963, Feb. 26, 2020]