U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 25, 2022

§ 1421.401 - DMA responsibilities.

(a) DMAs are eligible to process the MALs and LDPs provided for in this part only for peanut producers and only if the DMA and the producers and peanuts meet all eligibility criteria set out in this part, including, but not limited to, the DMA eligibility provisions of this subpart. In carrying out those functions, DMAs must:

(1) Prepare and execute the appropriate CCC peanut MAL and LDP application documents;

(2) Determine whether producers and the commodity are eligible for MALs and LDPs, including whether the otherwise eligible peanuts are free and clear of all liens which DMAs determine by performing lien searches at DMAs expense;

(3) Instruct the holder of EWRs, if applicable, to notify the EWR provider to amend the EWR to show CCC is the holder;

(4) Receive MAL and LDP documents from a DMA Service County Office;

(5) Disburse peanut MALs and LDP proceeds to eligible producers;

(6) Prepare and execute documents for MAL repayments;

(7) Collect MAL repayments from producers or buyers and transmit those funds to CCC;

(8) Transmit documents to render forfeited collateral to CCC; and

(9) Collect data for reporting to CCC as required by CCC;

(b) As part of performing the responsibilities in paragraph (a) of this section, DMAs:

(1) Become knowledgeable of and follow the procedures in CCC and FSA peanut MAL and LDP regulations, applicable notices published in the Federal Register, applicable FSA peanut program handbooks and amendments thereto, and any applicable notices or instructions issued by FSA and the Agricultural Marketing Service.

(2) Make and service CCC peanut MALs and LDPs, only upon the presenting by producers or their agents of the warehouse receipts, unless otherwise directed by CCC.

(3) Attend, at the DMAs expense, DMA peanut MAL, and LDP program training offered by CCC.

(4) Provide sufficient personnel, computer hardware, computer communications systems, and software, as determined necessary by CCC, to administer the peanut MAL and LDP program.

[70 FR 33799, June 10, 2005. Redesignated and amended at 74 FR 15656, Apr. 7, 2009; 80 FR 128, Jan. 2, 2015]