U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 30, 2023

§ 1425.17 - Eligible commodity and pooling.

(a) A CMA may establish separate loan pools as needed for quantities of a commodity.

(b) Loans and, if applicable, LDP's will be available to CMA's for any eligible commodity in a loan pool as provided in paragraph (e) of this section and the beneficial interest provisions of parts 1421 and 1427 of this chapter.

(c) A loan pool is eligible for MALs and LDPs if:

(1) All of the commodity in the loan pool is eligible for MALs or LDPs, except as provided in paragraphs (d) and (e) of this section;

(2) The commodity was delivered by members to the CMA for their benefit;

(3) The commodity was delivered and the members are eligible for MALs and LDPs;

(4) Members retain the right to share in marketing proceeds from the commodity in accordance with § 1425.18; and

(5) Members agreed to accept a payment of initial advances from the CMA in accordance with § 1425.18(a).

(6) Members agree to refund to the CMA, if requested by the CMA, any denied market loan gain or LDP benefit realized when the proceeds from the loan pool are distributed to the CMA members.

(d) Ineligible commodities may be included in eligible pools when:

(1) The CMA inadvertently included ineligible quantities based on grade, quality, bale weight or repacking in the case of cotton, or other factors; or

(2) There are eligibility discrepancies within FSA records, the producer has certified to the CMA that the commodity is eligible for a MAL, and there is no market gain or LDP involved in the loan pool for the crop year.

(e) A CMA may include a commodity in a pool that is ineligible based on FSA records if the producer has certified to the CMA the commodity is eligible. (For example, an otherwise eligible commodity that is not reflected on a timely filed FSA acreage report.) CCC will specify a time period during which CMAs may obtain MALs or LDPs on the applicable quantity while the eligibility status is resolved. If the final resolution is that the commodity was ineligible, the CMA must repay any MALs outstanding with principal plus interest and any market loan gains obtained plus interest from the date of receiving the market loan gain through the repayment date.

(f) The CMA must have in inventory a quantity of commodity delivered by members of each class and grade at least equal to the quantity each class and grade pledged as MAL collateral.

(g) MALs will be available to the CMA for the quantity of a farm-stored commodity that is, pursuant to such CMA marketing agreement with a member, part of the CMA's loan pool.

(h) A CMA must have identity-preserved loan pool commodities stored in approved warehouses while the commodities are pledged as collateral for MAL.

(i) Comingled commodities with MAL eligibility stored on a farm or in a warehouse may be transferred to an authorized warehouse.

(j) Commodities pledged as collateral for MALs must be free and clear of all liens and encumbrances based on a CMA's financial agreements or the CMA must obtain and complete a lien waiver form. When liens are applicable based on CMA financial agreements, the CMA must provide CCC the completed lien waiver form. CMAs must not take any action to cause a lien or encumbrance to be placed on a commodity after a MAL is approved.

(k) If a MAL or LDP is obtained for any quantity in a loan pool, allocations of costs and expenses among separate pools for the commodity in the pool will be made according to generally accepted accounting principles.

(l) A CMA must not apply marketing losses from a commodity not used to obtain a MAL or LDP against the marketing proceeds of a commodity used to obtain a MAL or LDP.

(m) CMAs will not carry forward losses from one loan pool and apply them against a subsequent loan pool without CCC's authorization. CCC may grant authorization when it determines that carrying forward the loss complies with the MAL or LDP Program intent.

(n) The CMA is responsible to CCC for any loss related to commodities the CMA pledged as collateral for MAL or used to obtain LDP related to:

(1) The CMA failing to comply with these regulations;

(2) Changes in quantity or quality of either warehouse or farm stored commodities; or

(3) Liens based on either the CMA's or its members' financial agreements.

(o) Denied market loan gain or denied LDP benefits will be based on payment limitation attribution as specified in part 1400 of this chapter, and must be repaid to CCC by the CMA receiving the MAL or LDP proceeds.

[63 FR 17312, Apr. 9, 1998, as amended at 80 FR 131, Jan. 2, 2015]